If you want to take your photos to the next level then this is the pack for you! 
Edit your photos with just one klick!

These presets can be applied to practically any image to add a unique arty look – the same look as my photos that you see on Instagram - @karlsaarephotography


The Collection contains 10 Lightroom Presets, Light Leaks & Grain/Dust Overlays:


Portrait I
Portrait II
Black Und White I
Black Und White II
Track Day I
Track Day II

80 Light Leak Overlays
6 Grain/ Dust .PNG files



  • Please be aware that all presets work differently on every image and because every image is different (shot in different light and for example) you will likely need to tweak the edit a little, after the preset is applied. 


  • Presets are designed both for Lightroom desktop & Lightroom Mobile and are compatible with RAW and JPEG photos.   NB! You can add lightroom presets to your mobile even if you haven't bought the Lightroom! If you have any trouble adding them, contact me!


Presets will be sent to you immediately after purchase.

Shadow Deluxe Lightroom Preset Collection I (Mobile & Desktop)

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